Revolutionise your mental healthcare practice

Empower your practice with an all-in-one platform designed for seamless client management, enhanced visibility, and increased revenue.

One-Stop Solution: Our user-friendly web platform streamlines your practice management. Mobile coming soon!

Your Schedule, Your Rules: Control your availability, fees and locations to suit your lifestyle.

Flexible Client Care: Offer in-person or telehealth services based on your clients' needs.

Reach More, Do More: Increase your visibility and grow within a community of fellow healthcare providers.

Simplify with Sanzu

Secure Chat: Swap WhatsApp and email for Sanzu's secure chat. Maintain professional boundaries and communication.

Strengthen Client Relationships: Sanzu’s regular interaction features enhance client engagement and retention.

Collaborative Environment: Refer and be referred with ease within the Sanzu community for holistic care.

Effortless Invoicing: Say goodbye to complicated invoicing. Sanzu creates professional invoices and tracks payments.

Automatic Reminders: Save time and reduce no-shows with Sanzu's automated client reminders.

Worry-Free Cancellation Policy: Customize your cancellation terms and rest easy. With Sanzu, protect your earnings and maintain clear policies for clients.

Effortless Document Handling: Exchange documents and organize notes seamlessly. With Sanzu, managing your professional paperwork is easier than ever.

Coming Soon! Easy Insurance Billing

Sanzu connects with the HIN, Aerztekasse and Medidata. This makes dealing with insurers straightforward. It's all about making things easier for you.

Secure, Encrypted Data

Sanzu takes your data security seriously. Encrypted and securely hosted on Swiss servers, your information is safe with us. Trust in the confidentiality of your practice.

Get discovered, not overlooked. Our platform puts you front and center, making it effortless for clients to find and book you. Say goodbye to marketing headaches.

Discover how Sanzu can transform your practice.

Who Can Benefit from Our Platform?


Sanzu connects you with clients seeking specialised psychiatric care and medication management.

Reach diverse clients who require accurate diagnoses and personalised treatment plans.

Provide comprehensive psychiatric care for clients with complex mental health conditions.

  • Completion of medical school (six years)
  • Residency training in psychiatry (five years)
  • Board certification in psychiatry


Join Sanzu to support clients seeking evidence-based therapies and deep exploration of emotions.

Connect with individuals looking for understanding of underlying psychological factors.

Help clients foster personal growth and well-being through tailored psychological support.

  • Master's degree in psychology (five years)
  • Completion of supervised clinical training
  • Registration with the Swiss Federation of Psychologists (FSP)
  • We also recognise relevant international qualifications eg. BPS, DGP


Sanzu empowers you to guide clients through transformative healing journeys and address their unique concerns.

Connect with clients seeking a safe space for growth, self-exploration, and healing.

Offer personalised therapy modalities to support clients' specific therapy goals.

  • Master's degree in psychotherapy or equivalent (four to five years)
  • Completion of a recognised psychotherapy training program
  • Registration with a recognised psychotherapy association in Switzerland (e.g., Swiss Association for Psychotherapy, FSP)
  • We also accept registration with internationally recognised organisations eg. UKCP, DPTV

Coaches & Counsellors

Join Sanzu to empower clients in achieving their goals through personalised coaching or counselling.

Connect with individuals seeking goal-oriented support, guidance, and positive life transformations.

Help clients navigate personal growth journeys in a supportive and empowering environment.

  • Bachelor's or master's degree in psychology, social work, counselling, or related fields
  • Additional specialised training or certifications in coaching or counselling methodologies
  • Membership in professional coaching or counselling associations

Quick and Easy Sign-Up in a Few Simple Steps!

No start-up fees with Sanzu.

Just a straightforward 5% fee each successful client session.

01. Download Sanzu

Get started in seconds.

02. Create Your Profile

Share your story and specialities and showcase your passion.

03. Secure Identity Verification

Ensuring trust and safety for all.

04. Approval Process

Thoroughly reviewed for quality assurance.

05. Start Connection

Empower clients confidently and safely with Sanzu.


What is Sanzu?

Sanzu is a digital hub designed for therapists, psychotherapists, and other mental health professionals. Our platform streamlines the connection between you and your clients, simplifying the process of scheduling, treatment, and ongoing care. With Sanzu, delivering exceptional mental health services is easier, quicker, and more convenient than ever.

How much does Sanzu cost?

Sanzu provides a user-friendly and feature-rich platform, available on both mobile and web browsers. Enjoy free access to our services, with only a nominal 5% fee per session. This makes Sanzu a cost-effective and accessible choice for your practice.

How is the security of my data assured?

The security of your data is of paramount importance to us at Sanzu. Our platform utilizes advanced encryption methods to protect your information both in transit and at rest. We also employ multiple layers of security protocols, including firewalls, to further safeguard your data. For added security, Sanzu incorporates facial recognition and two-factor authentication features. Just like our platform is designed to be simple, intuitive, and feature-rich, it is also engineered with robust security measures to offer you peace of mind alongside efficiency. Rest assured, your data is in safe hands with Sanzu.

What languages is Sanzu available in?

As of now, Sanzu is available in English. We are actively working to introduce German, French, and Italian language support to enhance your experience.

How do I sign up for Sanzu?

Just hit 'Sign Up Today' to get going!

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